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US-Frostmourne ST
EDIT(2/26): We are now looking for a geared DPS for Garrosh progression. If you think you can fulfill this role, talk to our officers in-game. If you wish to apply for a WoD raiding spot, we will consider your application in a few weeks.

Remember, this is for Garrosh Heroic progression, so please be geared, informed and ready to think on your feet during the application process. Applicants must also consistently meet raid times; show a level of preparation in terms of encounter knowledge, class knowledge and raid consumables; and, perform at the expected standards reasonably consistently.

At this stage in progression we are not going to hold your hand: come prepared.

We are also looking forwards to Warlords of Draenor, and that includes gaining a handful of new players. If you wish to raid with us in the new expansion, feel free to drop an app or chat to our officers or any raid members for more info!
Jovan Stardrop can give you access when he gets home
Bazooka i also can't see the forums.
Saralust me either D:
A video is worth 1000 pictures? Who needs screenshots these days, anyway?

Regrettably we forgot to take a screen shot, but I did the next best thing:

Heroic Lei Shen Down!

Stardrop a posted Aug 27, 13
With only Ra-den to go this tier we look on wards to SoO! Garrosh, we're after you!

Kill Video: Stardrop PoV

Lei Shen!
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