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US-Frostmourne ST

Ko'ragh Down !

Elronn a posted Jan 12, 15
Would also like to mention that we are still actively recruiting for our core group and are looking for all exceptional players


Troy m8 i look beautiful
Zeyqs holy fuck i look good in the tectus photo!
Jovan a Troy wtf bruh stop fkn around and pose propley for kill shots

Brackenspore down

Elronn a posted Dec 22, 14

Twin Ogron Down

Elronn a posted Dec 13, 14
Well deserved kill should of had it the first night with some close attempts 2/7 down

Mythic Kargath down

Elronn a posted Dec 11, 14
The boss was a joke but then what can you expect fighting a guy with 1 hand